About Us

Kushtech Power Solutions is a subsidiary of Kushtech Investments providing Total Power Solutions to clients in the Power Utility and the Renewable Energy sectors, with the focus on Program and Project delivery of Residential, Commercial, Solar Farm Projects, Powerline design, Construction testing and Commissioning.

Kushtech engages with strategic partners in the Industry to be able to deliver Projects from Inception to completion

Our Vision

Global leaders of transforming lives through renewable and distributed energy.

Our Mission

To alleviate poverty through the provision of affordable and sustainable total power solutions globally.

Core Values


We do not compromise our ethical and professional approach.


We believe in working together to create customer tailored solutions.


Zero harm is our number one priority.


We are committed to building strategic beneficial partnerships.

Competitive Advantages

  • Provide Cost effective customer tailored solutions 100% 100%
  • International experience 100% 100%
  • More than 40 years combined industry experience 100% 100%
  • One stop technical solutions provider 100% 100%
  • Strong strategic partnership and relationships 100% 100%
  • Power utility hands on experience 100% 100%
  • Manage and maintain assets 100% 100%

Our Products

Executive Summary

  • KushTech Project Managers, Directors and Engineering Partners have over 30 years combined Global experience.
  • KushTech Power Solutions engages Strategic Partners in the Power and Renewable industry to be able to offer a Global Project Management Office.
  • The majority of the Project Directors/managers have extensive expertise in High, Medium, Low voltage distribution systems and Renewable Commercial and Large scale Solar, Grid Connection and Stand-alone Installations.
  • KushTech Provides Total Power Solutions by focusing on Program and Project delivery of Residential, Commercial, Solar Farm Projects.
  • Project Managed delivery of approximately 60 MW (combined) of solar projects (Rooftops and Solar MW scale farms)
  • Certified Practicing Project Managers, Distribution Electricians, Testing and Commissioning Engineers .
  • To help minimise operational expenses and facilitate management, our solutions aredesigned to work smoothly with existing Infrastructure and systems. Our open standard approach to monitoring systems lets our Solar Installations Incorporate and consolidate multiple customer inputs and Information and Interoperate seamlessly with retail energy management platforms and reporting systems.

Our Strategic Partners/Clients